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My style of Bar, Bat and B'nai Mitzvah photography is to deliver exceptional and beautifully executed images to my Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York clientele. I love to get to know my families' and their child's individual tastes, and the expectations of their event photographs. With a versatile style that stays true to gorgeous, classic portraiture with a modern twist, and also capturing those intimate, once-in-a-lifetime moments perfectly, you will not be disappointed. Have a cruise through the Bar and Bat Mitzvah gallery and let me know if I can help provide you with the images you dream of!

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Philadelphia Bat Mitzvah Photographer
Mitzvah at Rodeph Shalom
Bar Mitzvah Family Portraits at Beth Am
Bar Mitzvah at the Logan Hotel
Fillmore Mitzvah Photography
Running in the Italian Market like Rocky - Bar Mitzvah Portrait
Philadelphia Bat Mitzvah Photography
Bar Mitzvah at Kenneth Israel
Fun Mitzvah Photography in Pennsylvania
Max's Bar Mitzvah
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Best Philly Mitzvah Photographer
Portrait of Eli
M'Kor Shalom Bar Mitzvah Photography
Top Philadelphia Bar Mitzvah Photographer
Mitzvah Venues in Philadelphia
Top Mitzvah Photographer in Pennsylvania
Best Mitzvah Photographer in New Jersey
Ben's Bar Mitzvah Portraits
Mitzvahs at Rodeph Shalom
Maya's Bat Mitzvah
Philadelphia Mitzvah Photography
Mitzvah Reception Photo in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Bat Mitzvah Photographer
Philly Bat Mitzvah Photographer
Mitzvah Ceremony at the Fuge
Ben's Bar Mitzvah Party
Mitzvahs at Pinecrest Country Club
Best Mitzvah Photographer for Philadelphia
Oscar's Bar Mitzvah Portraits
Fuge Bar Mitzvah
Ben's Bar Mitzvah Party
New Jersey Mitzvah Photographer
Philadelphia Mitzvah Photographer
Bar MItzvah at the Logan Hotel Philadelphia
Logan Hotel Bar Mitzvah Photography
Anna's Batmitzvah
Top Mitzvah Venue in Philadelphia
Bar Mitzvah Party at the Logan
Best Bat Mitzvah Photographer In Philadelphia
Best Philly Mitzvah Photography
Main Line Reform Bar Mitzvah
Philadelphia Mitzvah Photo
Bar Mitzvah Philadelphia
Mitzvah at White Manor Country Club
Natural Mitzvah Photography in Philadelphia
Top Philadelphia Mitzvah Photography
Philadelphia Top Mitzvah Photographer
Pennsylvania Mitzvah Photographer
Top Philadelphia Mitzvah Photographer
Mitzvah photos at Beat Street Station
Max's Bar Mitzvah
Top Philadelphia Bar Mitzvah Photographers
Danny's Bar Mitzvah Portraits
Max's Bar Mitzvah
Oscar's Bar Mitzvah Portraits
Bat Mitzvah Photography in PA
Best Mitzvah in Pennsylvania
Top Mitzvah Photographer in PA
Oscar's Bar Mitzvah Portraits
Mitzvah Photo at the Fuge
Best Bar Mitzvah Photographers in Philadelphia
Citizen's Bank Park Bar Mitzvahs
Mitzvah Party Photos at the Fuge
Mitzvah Photographer for the Fuge
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Fun Bat Mitzvah Photo in Philadelphia
Best Mitzvah Photographers in Pennsylvania
Mitzvah Photo at Beat Street Station
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Last Photo of the Night at Remy's Bar Mitzvah
Maya's Bat Mitzvah
Mitzvah Reception at the Fuge
A Night at the Oscar's || Oscar's Bar Mitzvah
Natural Philadelphia Mitzvah Photography
Logan Hotel Philadelphia Bar Mitzvah
Best Mitzvah Venue in Philadelphia
Bat Mitzvah Party at Chubb Conference Center
Fun Mitzvah Wedding Venue
Mitzvah Party at the Logan Philadelphia
Citizen's Bank Park Bar Mitzvah
Philadelphia Bar Mitzvah Photographers
Best Mitzvah Photographers in PA
Mitzvah at the Fillmore Philadelphia
Portrait of Eli at his Party Venue
Temple Beth Am Mitzvah Photography
Portrait of Bar Mitzvah Boy
Max and Family Pose in Philadelphia Phillies Media Room
Main Line Mitzvah Photographer
Best New Jersey Bar Mitzvah Photographer
Bar Mitzvah Boy's Ceremony
Portrait of Bar Mitzvah Boy at Temple
Mitzvah at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia
Oscar's Bar Mitzvah Portraits
Max's Bar Mitzvah
Best Mitzvah Photographer in PA
Jared's Bar Mitzvah
Danny's Bar Mitzvah Portraits
Pennsylvania Mitzvah Ceremony
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Maya Check Portraits
Top Bar Mitzvah Photographer in PA
Mitzvah at the Logan Hotel
Logan Hotel Mitzvah Reception
Danny's Bar Mitzvah Portraits
Best PA Mitzvah Photographer
Top Mitzvah Caterer in Philadelphia
Mitzvah Photos at the Collingswood Ballroom
A Night at the Oscar's || Oscar's Bar Mitzvah
Jared's Bar Mitzvah
Top Mitzvah Photographers in Philadelphia
Jared's Bar Mitzvah
Best Bar Mitzvah Photography in Philadelphia
Bar Mitzvah Photographer for the Fuge
Mitzvah Party Photos in Philadelphia
Jared's Bar Mitzvah
Mitzvah Party Photos in New Jersey
Oscar's Bar Mitzvah Portraits
Best Mitzvah Photographer for the Fuge
Best Mitzvah Photos at Or Hadash
Bar Mitzvah Photography at Reading Terminal Market
Logan Hotel Mitzvah Photographer
Best Pennsylvania Bat Mitzvah Photographer
Best Philadelphia Mitzvah Photography
Portrait of Mitzvah Boy at Synagogue
Family Bar Mitzvah Portrait at Wing's Field Airport
Natural Mitzvah Photo
Bar Mitzvah Boy and his Mom
Unique Bat Mitzvah Photography in Philadelphia
A Beautiful Bar Mitzvah at Material Culture in Philly
Bar Mitzvah Family Portrait
Bar Mitzvah at Beth Am Israel Congregation