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The amazing Vanessa + Gregg’s engagement session! Such a lovely, gorgeous couple with an even lovelier wedding at the TRUST venue!

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I know, blogging has taken a backseat as we get closer to the end of the rebuild of our studio/house, and just simply that we are immersed in this busy, exciting wedding season! We hope you are all not melting in this heat wave, but luckily it will break they say for the weekend, just in time for Houn and Jon’s wedding at spectacular Fonthill this Saturday. So excited, we can hardly wait!

Love our girls at Eclatante, Kendall and Leila, and it was fun using their chic, gorgeous space to shoot a bit of Houn and Jon’s engagement session. If you haven’t heard, Eclatante is one hottest, sweetest, most amazing event design and coordination groups in Philadelphia. As Rachel Zoe says (who oddly I am growing to love much to Pat’s chagrin), everytime I see what they do, “I die!”

Here are some shots (this was going to be a small post, but got carried away with loving all the photos!) as we walked around one of our favorite areas, Liberties Walk and the Piazza at Shmidt’s. And we also contemplated some pretty pies…

At PYT in Northern Liberties

We were delighted to see our friends at Eclatante at then end of the shoot, some relief from the heat and one awesome space! Houn and Jon had this idea for a old school housewife/businessman shot!

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