Craziness from Alyson + Sean’s wedding brought to you by CrazyShack, the Love Shack Photo photobooth. I don’t think words are necessary. And you’re welcome…

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One of my personal favorite places to photograph is Longwood Gardens. and although it is a hike to get to, I always am so happy to be there shooting. Late summer at the gardens never disappoints – well truly, every season is beautiful when surrounded by so many plants, trees and often, gorgeous flowers. With late day sun and a couple of romantic goofballs, I can’t lose, and Lam & Danny and I were loving every minute of being there. What a fun session, and their September wedding is going to equally unique (their ceremony is at the Shofuso Japanese Tea House in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.) I am excited!

I love how cute they are!

And yes, Lam + Danny are thrilled to announce the new addition to their lives. There’s a baby on board!


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Pat and I had a pre-wedding season getaway early March to of all places…ICELAND! I miss it already. Everything was clean, well organized, homey, yet at the same time it was weird and exotic and wonderful. If you haven’t heard by now, it’s a pretty amazing place…a land of moss covered lava fields, mythical landscapes, fresh air, and the elusive Northern Lights. We don’t have much summer time off, so late winter was a perfect time to visit – less tourists than the summer, yet still not so extreme as deep winter.

Our adventure was just published in the new travel inspiration guide Entouriste from Ami Price, the owner and editor of the lovely wedding and lifestyle blog Elizabeth Anne Designs. Go on over and read more about it. There are more photos!

Here are some portraits of people we met. We were fond of Icelanders…eccentric, hard-working, intelligent and certainly blunt they are (in our experience). Everyone, it seems, is an artist, or possesses a crazy amount of creativity. It’s our kind of place. They are very proud and rooted in their land, and oh yeah, many believe in elves. We heard from a few pub crawlers that they even build roads around what they suspect are elf dwellings. Cool.

Reykjavik is a fun city. The center area is tourist friendly + buzzing, but we also liked exploring the quiet streets and checking out the architecture and cool homes. Design is like second nature to Iceland (and what I imagine it to be like in most Nordic countries). What is that again…”form follows function”? Definitely a feature of the Icelandic design and lifestyle. Everything is so clean and safe, that we couldn’t help but wonder what they must think when they come to the US? I find it disgraceful to see so much litter on the side of the roads here. Even yesterday when walking the dog at the local park, the pond was full of garbage. Infuriating. But back to Iceland. Here is a standard Reykjavik view from the iconic church top.

We were happy to just walk a lot and sip coffee and eat. It’s a cultural haven, and I like to eat fish, so I couldn’t be happier with the food.

Finally out of the city, Pat reaches new heights

And here I am practicing some sort of ballet move I learned in the 3rd grade. Look at that unbelievable landscape!

Some of the beautiful places we visited

And here’s Pat contemplating how to get us unstuck from the snow and then the giant cop/rescue car that came to save us from what I was convinced, probable doom.

Watching the green lights dance for us across a star-filled sky was otherworldy. We had wanted a more perfect foreground for photos, but we had to settle for pulling off to the side of a road outside the city. Trying to find our way to a site we had scoped out earlier, we were arguing and tired and grumpy (maybe having had a little too much “fun” the night before in Reykjavik). We just kept looking up through the windshield and my heroic pilot Pat spotted them, while I was trying desperately to find the right settings on the camera “just in case”. We were two lucky cats to witness such a dazzling display!

The best part of our journey was being out in what felt like the middle of nowhere, and not having anything to do but be together, really talk to each other, and at many times being lost in the quiet…total digital decompression. There certainly is much more to the country we would like to see. We are seriously considering a return trip, but maybe after Argentina, Greece, Morocco, Chile, New Zealand…LOL. And we have to go back because I’ve yet to do my glacial climb, nor see an elf.

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    1. Glen Elliott

      Holy crap those night shots are awesome!

    2. Cana

      Taking a trip to Iceland this April and plan on making the drive from Reykjavik to Vik and back, similar to your trip. Is there an itinerary you could share with this beginner travel planner :) your images are beautiful.

    3. love shack

      Hi Cana.That’s so exciting (please take us with you!) As far as an itinerary, it’s hard to say without knowing more (when & how long). Feel free to email at and I can tell you what we did. Trip adviser was a great resource for us!