CRAZY SHACK, you say?

Well, just about the most fabulous & fun addition to your reception or event that you can
imagine! But seriously, in a nutshell, the CRAZY SHACK is a really fun photobooth that we
bring to you & man ourselves for a pre-determined amount of time. Many couples decide
to rent a traditional photobooth for their event, so if you are considering this, then you
must consider our CRAZY SHACK. The difference being – the quality of our images
surpasses any other traditional photobooth, AND, we engage & encourage your guests to
let loose & get CRAZY! Feedback from our booth has been absolutely 100% glowing! And,
guests that often don’t get documented during your reception (ie, the “non-dancers!”)
have the best time , and talk and talk about how much fun it was! We encourage your
guests to not pose traditionally, but to have a great time and be themselves! We also
welcome our subject’s creative input. We treat every shot as a work of art!


We bring on the fun with a “set-up” of a backdrop stand, backdrop, light and our
encouragement & creativity! All you need to know is that you won’t regret your decision
of adding a CRAZY SHACK. We discuss the details of where we are going to set up our
booth with you, your venue or caterer (we’ve worked in some really small spaces, so don’t
let space discourage you!) All other technical aspects are left to us.


We urge all our clients who book the CRAZY SHACK that during their reception they make
an announcement, written or verbally, to quickly explain to their guests to come visit us at
the CRAZY BOOTH (though we do make sure to gently encourage even the most camerashy,
and almost everyone participates!) We feel that if the guests hear from the hosts
(you!) about the booth, they recognize the importance and are much more likely to


Less than the amount of a traditional photobooth brought in by another vendor. AND you
even get hard copy beautiful 4×6 proofs post wedding.

Overheard Guest Comments

“The most fun thing I’ve ever seen at a wedding!”
“Can we come back again and have more shots taken? PLEASSSSSE!”
“I want one for my wedding – are you available?”
“I can’t wait to see these photos!”