Some wonderful words from our wonderful clients that make us feel all warm inside!

LISTEN to what one of our brides had to weep about !!!!!!!


I wanted to thank the both of you for everything both of you did for our wedding! You really helped in making our wedding so memorable! Lending Wilson your tie, giving me much needed support, even traveling to NYC for us…you guys are amazing! Thank you so-so-much!!! The photos our beyond beautiful! – Angella & Wilson


Thank you so much for everything you did for us at the wedding.. We had an amazing, stress free day and we owe that to you. You were everything we wanted in a wedding photographer and more….and you know I had pretty high expectations!! Everything was wonderful and the photos are perfect in every way! – Rachel & Marc


You did a PHENOMENAL JOB!!!! Seriously, we love you. So glad we went with you…I don’t think any of the other photographers could do such an amazing job, I just know it. Anyway, I listed the pictures for our album and also some extras we want to have for gifts for family. Thanks again!!! –Andrea & Matt


If that photo on our lovely note is any indication of those still to come, we are in for quite a thrill! That picture of Magan and Chris, you have captures an incredible moment. We have to say that you were so wonderful with your ability to take photographs without being noticed. We have heard that can be so uncomfortable in some cases, but not with you two. All we know is we had the most fun and just wish you all lived closer to Rochester and could enjoy your company more often. You really are shining stars and the “best” at what you do. –Mother of Groom, Magan & Chris


Thank you two so much for such an amazing job! We LOVE our photos, as does everyone we show them to. We feel so lucky to have had you, as they are extradoniary and you are as well. I feel I’ve known you for years. That made the whole experience better and smoother. I felt like I could pose however I wanted….and I did! I had a great time and I would recommend you to anyone. You are the best! –Yasemin & Phil


Gene and I wanted to let you know that all of the pictures are absolutely amazing. Our family and friends are raving about them! I don’t know how you do it, but you made every scene of the day look beautiful. It’s very hard to decide which ones we want to have enlarged-there are so many great shots. You truly captured the special moments of the day-whatever the emotion. I didn’t even know that my dad was crying after our dance at our reception! Thank you again for sharing your time and your unbelievable talent with us. – Megan & Gene


All we can say is that you are wonderful!!! The photos of our wedding are simply extraordinary. In addition, your attitudes, senses of humor and creativity, made our day even more beautiful. The passion you have for your work is wonderful! – Jessica & Tom


(pre-wedding photo editing!)

Thank you for everything! By far our favorite vendor throughout this whole process! We love you! – Annie & Tom


I don’t know where to begin to thank you. The photos from our wedding are positively stunning! You both captured the emotion of the day (all of them!) in each shot. Your magnificent photos will help us remember-over a lifetime- all of the panic and joy from the day. Thank you so much for working with us and sharing your talent so generously. – Monica & Mike


Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding! We truly enjoyed your company in Jamaica and the photos are just breathtaking! You fit in so well and captured once in a lifetime moments with a style beyond perfect. We hope to work with you more in our future! – Chris & Tracey


I just had the photos from the Awards Dinner delievered to my desk. All I can say is Fantastic!  The job you did was beyond perfect, if possible. You seemed to be everywhere at the same time that evening, and yet you weren’t intrusive. The quality of the photos is just great. The presentation in the album was a great touch. I hired a photographer in San Diego to do our West Coast Awards Dinner, and his work cannot compare yours. Traditional but with a twist. Very glad you were available to cover this event for us. I shared the photos with our PR Dept and more jobs will follow! – Bob


You are stars! Thanks so much for all the amazing photo options-gorgeous, and just what I wanted – Kerri