Wednesday, March 10, 2010life at the shack

It’s fun to look back at old stuff that we edited and passed over in our editing. Looking at some images we’ve taken over the years, I just stumbled upon this one that I really like. It was from an engagement session, and I recall it wasn’t set up, it was just a moment before the photo I had intended to take. Pam wanted to do one last shot in this apron, as it had a nostalgic, comical significance to her and Chris. I love it!


And here’s another outake, this one c/o Angella and Wilson’s engagement session in Union Square, New York City, a couple years ago. This photo is a bit interesting as the guy in the foreground was the man who famously sold the 5 buck vegetable peeler in the square with his spiel. I just found out he died last month. If you’ve ever hung out in the area, you might recognize him.


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