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Sunday, June 21, 2009welcome

Greetings! Welcome to the LOVE SHACK PHOTO blogsite (yes, it’s a website and blog combined)…home of photographers Jackie Bayne and Patrick Simione. Above you’ll find some “stay put” galleries of our work, and below are posts from our most recent sessions. We promise lots of goodies and images, so stay tuned! Please leave comments if you have something to say, and definitely make sure to bookmark us and return.

To navigate “the Shack”

shack facts = read more about us and what we love to do

leave a comment = at the bottom of each post, we find comments divine – please leave them!

contact shack = well, you know, to contact us!

client proofs =  view the amazing images from your event

lovin’ the shack = what our clients have to say

Special thanks to our fabulous designer and friend Ethan Meillier from Meillier Design, for our site design.


  1. Craig @ Cutting Edge Entertainment

    Amazing new site, and amazing blog. Good luck with it.

    Did I mention great pictures?

  2. Ron Dlutz

    One word.Love it!

  3. Kathy Bado

    AMAZING!! So you!

  4. Gail Rush

    Great site…fabulous weddings, congrats!

  5. Stefy Garber


  6. Vanessa Kreckel

    love the site, and love your work!!

  7. Linette Kielinski

    this site is NO JOKE!! love it! congrats on the launch and i wish you both all the success in the world!

  8. graziella

    You two are the most talented, gifted, unique photographers nel mundo! Luv the site! I want to model for crazy shack. Miss you both so much, think of you often. Thanks for sharing your work with us. Hey, I would get married again just to have great photos from Loveshack! Now there’s a testimonial.

  9. james kleuh

    The shack is cool!

  10. Katerina

    That site is mesmerizing. Really well thought our and I love your work of course!

  11. suzanne m

    I think your site is awesome!! You guys really got something good here!

  12. Conrad Erb

    wicked awesome. love it.

  13. Priya

    I finally checked out your new blog site, Jackie, and love it. I can spend hours looking at your work. It’s so inspiring. I wish you and Pat all the best!

  14. inregre

    “Want to snuggle and get some puppy kisses. If I visit and she goes missing you’ll know where to look. Congrats guys.”
    You can out more?

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