Monthly Archive for October, 2011

So, you want to do you’re engagement session with your pretty ’74 VW vanagan bus that you have been restoring? Oh no, that sounds just SO horrible 😉 When Laura + Steve asked if this was a good idea, I could barely contain myself. Having grown up with a Westie in my family, and traveling the west coast in it, I can’t even describe the affinity for these vehicles. Pop-up tops rule!!! If I could live my life just traveling in one of these, I would, and I know that Laura + Steve feel the same (well, they do travel a lot in it!) It was awesome to be so close to one of these again, even for a moment, and spend time with the greatest couple, whose 2012 wedding better include this bus somehow! Now, if only Pat would let me buy one to put in the garage just so I can look at it!