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It’s fun to look back at old stuff that we edited and passed over in our editing. Looking at some images we’ve taken over the years, I just stumbled upon this one that I really like. It was from an engagement session, and I recall it wasn’t set up, it was just a moment before the photo I had intended to take. Pam wanted to do one last shot in this apron, as it had a nostalgic, comical significance to her and Chris. I love it!


And here’s another outake, this one c/o Angella and Wilson’s engagement session in Union Square, New York City, a couple years ago. This photo is a bit interesting as the guy in the foreground was the man who famously sold the 5 buck vegetable peeler in the square with his spiel. I just found out he died last month. If you’ve ever hung out in the area, you might recognize him.


I can’t believe it’s our first anniversary! Yes, one jammed-pack year ago, Patrick and I said our vows in Sin City. Our year has been full of love, tragedy, chaos, beauty and fun, all rolled into one. But the best part was being together. In case any of you have not seen our AMAZING wedding pics, here’s a few more you might not have seen. Every time we go through them, there are so many more we love. We have yet to put together our formal wedding album yet (typical, wedding photographers without their wedding album 😉 ) but we are working on it. It’s gotta match the decor of our home, ya know?!
Of course, this post would be lacking without the BIGGEST shout out to our amazing photographers and friends, Joy Moody, Heather Fowler, and Sofia Negron. Oh, and who can forget our crazy video from cinemacake? A true work of art and our favorite filmakers! THANK YOU forever, friends!






SO much fun!!!




This one’s great because you can tell we are being so goofy!


We are blessed, and looking forward to an awesome year two as husband and wife!!!