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Love these moments with our former brides + grooms! Kristina + Noah are an erudite and enlightened couple, and their sense of style strays little from their character. Their home is inviting and warm, and full of the things they love, the art they love, and the children they love. I felt privileged to spend an afternoon with this family.  Just as their wedding was, these moments with their new addition were equally beautiful and fun. Kristina and Noah both have a MAD sense of style…I mean, they have the kind of home you want to look around and steal every design element! Kristina has started a blog Sacire /sar-chee-re/ v. latin for “to patch” A Lifestyle and Design Blogging Experiment, which in her own words, is a collection of musings, interests and all things inspiring. Watch her prepare tasty fare & observe her perspective on style + dress.

But beyond the beauty of their environment, there was even more to look at…

 Ruthie + Pippi are so photogenic!

We had to get one with the baby and her furry hat!

I have to admit, the baby’s nursery is spectacular! Kristina really does have the best taste on the planet. I think I may have to steal some of her decor ideas! And what girl has not pined (no pun intended) over some Anthroplogie curtains? Well, I know I have!

Pippi just hanging out looking pretty

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So much fun to be a part of Catherine + Sean’s wedding (almost 4 years ago!) and the saga continues with baby Henry, who I must say, is one of the happiest babies on the planet! But what kid wouldn’t be with such a great family?! I just want to eat him up, he is so adorable! It was fun seeing the whole gang again. It’s just fun to be a part of the lives whose stories you’ve already told…to keep telling the story.

Which reminds me of a photo from Catherine and Sean’s engagement session, involving some fluffy stuff too

And Catherine’s family, who we adore, came along for the ride. Who is getting all the attention?

Catherine’s great aunt is such an amazing woman! She’s ninety, and you wouldn’t know it!

Okay, this is a family pic with their dog Marlin. He’s enormous! See following pics when Cat and Sean just got him, from their engagement session

OMG, wasn’t he just so little? In comparison to now!

It was fun looking back at their photos, and such a pleasure to watch their family grow. Here is one from their FREEZING wedding night right after Christmas. Looking at the photos brings all the amazing things about their wedding back again.

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Our crazy dog is getting big! She IS kinda SUPER-DUPER dog. C’mon over and see her, she’ll lick you to death, or at the very least,

give you the Wheaten Greetin’!

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